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Dinner Menu


Starters Price
Garlic Bread
Serves 2.
Classic Shrimp Cocktail
With Lettuce, lemon & Londoners Cocktail Sauce.
Scotch Egg
Free range egg gently boiled so as to still be gooey in the middle then wrapped in sausage meat and crumbed. Served with roast tomato relish & salad.
Deep Fried Camembert
With spiced plum and apricot sauce.


Main Fare Price
Bangers & Mash
Local Free Range Pork & Bacon Sausages & Rich Onion Gravy served on mashed potato and peas.
Steak & Stout Hot Pot
Prime New Zealand Beef & Mushrooms braised in Porter Stout with a good dash of freshly crushed pepper topped with crisp pastry served with either Vegetables of the day or Crusty Bread and Chunky Fries.
Londoner Fish & Chips
Fresh market fish, crisp beer battered and served with tartare sauce, chunky fries and either mushy peas or salad.
Real Traditional Pineapple Glazed Gammon Ham Steak
Real ham steak & grilled pineapple served with either vegetales of the day or salad & chunky fries (available ).
Lamb Hind Shank
Massive hind lamb shank slow roasted in a rich braising & vegetable liquor served on mustard mashed potato and peas.
Chefs Fish of the Day
See today’s Specials Board.
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Cashew, cream cheese, spinach and garlic stuffed chicken breast (free range), oven baked and drizzled with red wine jus served with either vegetables of the day OR salad and chunky fries.
Scotch Steak (300gm Prime Hereford)
Served with vegetables of the day or salad & chunky fries. Includes your choice of one of the following:
Battered onion rings and red wine jus OR
Creamy mushroom sauce (homemade and full of mushrooms) (available ) OR
Shrimps in a garlic & red wine jus (available )
Cajun Chicken, Cashew & Avocado Salad
Pan fried Cajun spiced free range chicken on fresh garden salad, Avocado & cashew nuts finished with honey mustard dressing.
Sweet Chilli Beef & Crispy Noodle Salad
200g sirloin diced and seared, tossed with salad, crispy noodles & sweet chili sauce.
Chicken Bacon & Brie Burger
Pan fried free range Chicken Breast, Bacon & Brie with Salad Greens, Red Onion,
Grated Carrot & Spiced Plum Sauce in a warm toasted Burger Bun
served with Chips.
Beef Burger
Home made beef & herb patty, salad greens, beetroot, carrot, onion, cheese & Barbecue sauce on a lightly toasted burger bun served with chips.
Vege Quiche of the day
Home made vege quiche served with tomato relish, salad & chunky fries - see Today’s Special Board.
Beef Lasagne
Home made Beef Lasagne served with salad & chunky fries
Sides Available Price
steak fries and garlic aioli $8.00
Garlic Aioli $2.00
Mushy Peas $5.00
Battered Onion Rings $12.00
Fried Egg $2.20
Fresh Garden Salad $9.00
Vegetables of the Day $9.00
Gravy $3.00
Creamy Mushroom sauce $5.00
Pub Grub (Available all day) Price
Roasted Garlic Bread
Serves 2.
Cheesy Garlic Bread $14.50
Chips - steak fries served with garlic aioli   $8.00
Battered Onion Rings $12
Loaded Fries 
topped with bacon, cheese, sweet chili sauce & sour cream.
 Seasoned Wedges  with side of Sour Cream. $13 
Fish Bites & chips
With tartare sauce.


Crispy fried chicken tenderloins
with chips,  Sweet Chilli Sauce & Aioli.
Deep Fried Camembert
With spiced plum and apricot sauce and salad garnish.


With your choice of:
Homemade Tomato Salsa
Crisp corn chips topped with salsa, melted cheese & sour cream
Chili Beef and Bean
Crisp corn chips topped with chili beef & beans, melted cheese & sour cream




Royal Snack Platter
Calamari, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, fish bites, mini hot dogs and chips served with a selection of sauces. Snack for 5 to 6 people.
Kids Menu (12 years age and under) Price
Fish Bites
With salad & chips.
Chicken Nuggets
With salad & chips.
Crumbed Calamari Rings
With salad & chips.
Chili Beef Nachos
Topped with melted cheese and sour cream.
Beef N Cheese Burger
Homemade beef patty with melted cheese, salad and tomato sauce on a sour dough bun. Served with chips.


Mini Hot Dogs, with chips and salad


Desserts Price
Chocolate Brownie
Homemade rich chocolate brownie, with berry compote, ice-cream, and cream.
Homemade Cheesecake of the Day
Served with ice cream & whipped cream.
Spotted Dick
Homemade delicious sultana and butterscotch pudding with custard, ice cream & cream
Hot Apple Pie
Homemade lavishly cinnamon spiced fresh apple pie topped with ice cream.
Ice Cream Sundae
Vanilla ice cream with your choice of topping:
Chocolate fudge sauce, cream and sprinkling of nuts.
Caramel sauce with nuts and cream.
Berry sauce with cream and sprinkling of white chocolate.
Teas, coffees and Hot Chocolate  
Please see our Drinks Menu  
Royal Snack Platter
Calamari, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, fish bites, mini hot dogs and chips served with a selection of sauces (for 5 to 6 people).

Vege Snack Platter
Mini Spring rolls, deep fried camembert, battered onion rings, sidewinder fries and dipping sauces.  By pre-order only (for 5 to 6 people).

Vegetarian available gluten free